Class at the
Dancer's Institute

Choosing a dance style can be a tough choice. At the Dancer’s Institute we believe that being a well rounded dancer (meaning one that is well versed in many different styles, takes from different teachers with different approaches, and is in full command of their body and being) is extremely important in today’s dance world. We encourage our students to take many different forms of dance. Of course that is not always possible, so we also offer classes to students who are looking for ways to make dance a fun extracurricular activity. 

When choosing a dance class it is helpful to know a little bit about each style and what to expect. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the different styles through our brief descriptions.


classes we offer:



Combo Class: Ballet/Tap/Jazz
Age levels:  2-3.5 & 3.5-5


Ballet 1
Ballet 1.5
Ballet 2
Ballet 3
Ballet Technique


Tap 1 
Tap 1.5
Tap 2
Tap 3
Tap Technique

Competition Team Classes

Performance Team Classes

Private Lessons


Jazz 1
Jazz 1.5
Jazz 2
Jazz 3
Jazz Technique


Hip Hop 1
Hip Hop 2
Hip Hop 3


Contemporary 1
Contemporary 2
Contemporary 3


Lyrical 1 & 2                                                                                    


Hip Hop

about our levels

We realize that dance takes dedication and hard work, we also realize that dance takes a lot of time and commitment to advance through the levels. Levels of a dancer can become a sensitive subject, and we want everyone to feel fulfilled in their time spent dancing at the Dancer's Institute.  Please note that age and time spent dancing does not always equal level.  This will also ensure that the dancer gets the proper technique and avoids injury.

All Classes after level 1 must be approved by artistic director by audition; level one classes start at age 6.  Contemporary and Strength and Conditioning start at age 8, unless otherwise approved. Pre-Pointe and Pointe must have director approval.



Dress Code

Each student is responsible for adhering to correct dress code attire. Please make sure you pack your dancer the appropriate clothes for each class.  All dress code items will be for sale in our store when we have our permanent location.  

New students have three weeks once they have joined the class to acquire the appropriate attire. If a student is not in dress code for two weeks in a row they will be asked to sit out.